February 26, 2014

Page 10

Hey guys! Page ten of chapter 9 is now up!

Just a heads up, some things are going to be happening soon! White Noise will be running a Kickstarter in May to get book one printed, and depending on how well it does book two might be printed as well! Also, around that time I will be setting up a patreon page in case anybody wants to support White Noise monthly in exchange for getting pages early as well as other fun stuff like access to the ask blog and possible games! If anybody has suggestions for what you think would make awesome rewards for supporting the comic, please tell me all about it!


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  1. by Plucky Pooka

    On February 27, 2014 at 3:45 am

    It would be pretty awesome if you got enough money for book 1 and 2 from the same kickstarter. I want them! Hopefully, you won’t end up with a printer that sucks as much as the one that is printing Zap book 3.

    As for Patreon, I’ll definitely give you a $1/mo. I’m unlikely to ever give more than $3/mo. (if that) on Pateron, because it adds up and I suspect I’ll be supporting many more web comics before the year is out. I’m not sure how many people are like me, but many people are tight on money, so when deciding what you want to do for rewards, think of things that are close to free for you that you can offer at say $3 or $5 that may entice people to go higher. Ideas for this would be previews, wip, early page design, or whatever gives insight in how you create the comic that doesn’t make you do much more than scan page, take a screen shot, or save a picture.

    One more suggestion: If you want to be searchable on Patron, include White Noise in the title for what you are creating. You may also want to make sure you include madsniper under who you are in addition to your real name (if using it). Perhaps by the time you are ready to start they will fix their search, but currently it doesn’t search anything but the titles. So I see lots of Person-Who’s-Name-I-Don’t-Recongize is creating Comics, which is totally useless.

    Wow. That ended up a wall of text. Hopefully, it will be of some use.

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