the FAQ's

“What is” is a place where I can keep my webcomic, White Noise, making it its own entity and keeping it separate from Doomnstuff and my portfolio work. This way it will easier for me to focus on it without the distraction of other projects, and it will be easier for readers to find.

“What is White Noise?”

White Noise is a full color webcomic, a scifi, post apocalyptic, super hero kinda thing. The story follows Wren, who has left his home in the Deadlands after an attack by the mysterious group known as the Herald. He's made his way to the States, where he must keep his origins a secret or risk elimination by their uncompromising justice system, while he tries to decide on a course of action. He also has a tail! And certain freaky abilities... Here, go read it. ^^

“Who makes White Noise?”

I do, Melinda Timpone, also known as “madsniper.”

“When are updates?”

White Noise updates on Monday, ideally. You can keep track of progress with the progress bar on the main page or subscribe to the RSS feed in the archive.

“Why did you move from DoomNstuff?”

There were too many things on that site competing for attention and it was just too confusing. I wanted a portfolio site and also a site focusing on my one true love, White Noise. Also, there were advertising issues with the name “doomnstuff.” These networks can be a little fussy at times, so I decided to take my comic somewhere new, where the style would be more blog-like and less doomie. The hope is to one day make enough on White Noise that I can do it full time, and work up to the insane update schedule I'd prefer.

“What about Magic High?”

I haven't forgotten about the Welcome Committee of Magic High, rest assured. I am thinking of greater things for it. Things like a complete restart and actual publication, maybe, somewhere down the line.

“How long does a page take you?”

Anywhere from 10 to 30 hours. I get bogged down by details. It really shouldn't take that long!

“How do you make your pages?”

I do everything in Adobe Photoshop except the beginning sketches. Each panel I draw separately, then scan and arrange digitally, as this helps me come up with better layouts than I would have drawing the whole page by hand (I'm not terribly adept at composition). Then I ink above the lines, paint under the inks, and that's it! A page! Sounds easy, eh? Sounds like it shouldn't take 30 hours? It really shouldn't. >_<

“Do you take commissions?”


“Do you do art trades?”

Yes! I love art trades. Email me-->

“Will you link to my stuff?”

Depends. Is it cool? Make your case, email me-->

“I have a great idea/project, will you help me?”

I might be interested, but most likely no. I'd love to help on every cool idea that comes my way, but I just don't have the time. Gotta use it on my projects. If you think it's something special though, drop me a line, it won't hurt to ask.

“Where do you get inspiration?”

All over the place. Cartoons, movies, books, role playing games, dreams, conversations over sleep deprivation, messages in my alphabet cereal, a funny look from my cat, anywhere. Inspiration is ubiquitous in this big, kooky world.

“What is the white animal?”

I PROMISE the comic will tell you. ^_~