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Hiatus is over!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Hello everyone! As the title states, the hiatus is over and White Noise is back! Look, there’s a new page and everything! … I was trying to draw what is known as a Shiho-nage hold/takedown, and I fought with that drawing for a while before giving up. The important part is the expressions anyway!

So how long was that hiatus, eh? It was so long, it started before NNFB announced it was going on hiatus, and lasted until after it was on hiatus! It was so long, during that time I got a job, lost that job, got that same job back, and then lost it again! It was so long, just, whatever, it was long! But it’s over now, and if you all are willing to read some more, I’ll be posting them.^^ It’s time to get this darn thing underway!

A little while ago, I tried a month long polyphasic sleep experiment. I actually succeeded at it and everything! But I decided to forgo it for regular sleep, because while six 25 minute naps a day spaced over 4 hour cycles may sound feasible on paper, in reality it’s extremely inconvenient. I mean, if you have ANY friends who like to do things, it makes life extremely awkward. In any case, I’ll be trying biphasic instead soon.^^ Three hours at night and one 1.5 hour nap in the day sounds much more doable. Though convincing oneself to get up at 6am when there’s no obvious reason for doing so… is difficult.

~madsniper *misses signing things like that*