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I’m Still Here

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Hi guys! No, sorry, still no page yet. But I can tell you I have it inked at least, so it will be up tomorrow or the day after. I just wanted to say hey, not dead, and maybe explain a little about why I disappeared this time.

Okay, so, two or so months ago, my cat who I’ve had for 16 years got very sick, and we learned he has lung cancer. At 16, he’s really to old for any sort of treatment. Then, at Midwest Furfest, while wondering if he would die before I got back home, I get a phone call that my new job, the one I’d had for all of three months, had ceased to exist. I was already depressed about my cat and about not selling a single thing in artist alley, so you can see the spiral that got started. I spent the next month trying to do artwork for everybody I know for christmas (cuz you know, no job, no money), none of which I succeeded in finishing. Then the week before New Years I got the worst case of stomach flu I’ve had in years. One of those stay-up-all-night-vomiting deals. Finally, after New Years I developed acid reflux for the first time in my life and spent three days being strangled by invisible rope!!

Hehe, what a great story. But anyway, our large extended family Christmas party went off splendidly, New Years was great and I was recovered enough to enjoy it, my acid reflux has mostly gone away, and my cat is still miraculously alive. But over all, I just had a lot of shit to worry about these last several months. So, sorry I’ve been away, but you understand, right?

It’s a new year and I’m feeling pretty good. Let’s make it an awesome one!

*is actually happy her reflux is just enough to make her eat healthy*