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I Think I Can Stop Traveling Now

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Here’s your update! Sorry, it’s just a cover. >_>

So yeah, I went all over the place this month. Two anime conventions, one of which was the much beloved Anime Central. I also went to Mertle Beach with my family. The funny thing is, on the way back from both we drove through tornadoes!
Okay, so the one coming back from Acen wasn’t actually a tornado yet, but it was definitely a large, low, swirly dark mass over our heads on the highway, with little tendrilly bits pointing down. The sky just should not bulge down like that, it’s not right. It was kindof dissociative-break-inducing.
The one coming back from Mertle Beach was definitely a funnel cloud though. I was the only one in the car watching as the thing touch down about 50 yards from us, and I couldn’t quite get the words out to alert my family, but they got it eventually from the panicked pointing and ‘buh-buh-buh’s. The car was dead silent for the next 30 seconds while we watched the thing think about swirling, give up, and fade away. But holy shit, funnel cloud, like right there! It was pretty cool, after we were safe and done being horrified.

Anyway, so here’s the latest news about the printed books. I bought a small stack of them from my chosen printers, but most of them came with white edges on the pages (which confuses me, as all my pages had bleed). SOOOO I’m going to see about getting them reprinted. The printer’s working with me so I should get the replacements without trouble.^^ Though I have decided to go with offset printers after this. This means no buying them from the POD guys online, only me! Muahaha! Also, probably means I have to try a go at kickstarter to fund it… 0_o If any of you have any ideas on what I should offer to pledgers there, let me hear it!