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Convention Prep, it Huuuuurts

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Okay, I said I was gonna quit disappearing on you guys when I did’t have updates, so here I am, with the typical set of excuses. Yes, another con demands my attention. I’m attempting to have enough stock this time that I might actually take home some profit. WHY IS IT ALL I CAN COME UP WITH IS GUNDAM WING FANART??? Gawd, I’m old.

Tried my copic markers for the first time on these arts…and I’m in love. They are so nice. X3 Using smooth bristol board (NOT vellum! I murdered a darling 1X2 picture because it was vellum!) gives it a vaguely watercolor look, and they blend beautifully. (There’s some epic tutorials on Deviantart, if you’re interested. Ecthelian’s is my favorite.) Anyway, as soon as I finish anything I’ll totally share here!

…I had to run away in the middle of writing this because there was an alarmingly long peal of thunder outside. You ever hear thunder or planes passing overhead and become convinced it’s the end times? Happens to me perhaps too much… Eh, someday I’ll be right! *still planning on having an ‘end of the world’ party Dec 20th, 2012, if for nothing else than the lulz*

Any suggestions on what I should draw/marker? I have all these sketch cards to fill. I did one of L. I did one of Light. GW is covered, of course. Aaaand that’s where my creativity ended! *mustn’t… succumb… to zutarian urges!* I have this feeling, like once, long ago, I may have been somewhat creative.

Eek, thunder! *runs*

can’t end a blog post normally

I Never Thought Chapter 7 Would end

Monday, April 4th, 2011

But it did! Heheh, oh Lawler. You’re so inexplicably adorable.

Okay, general consensus on what I should put in my blogs was anything, thoughts on my kindle, and any comics I’m reading. Alas, I don’t read much in the way of webcomics because I am a HUGE child who can’t handle competition so I try to pretend there is none.
I loooove the kindle. But that’s not to say I think it’s better than the Nook, I have no clue about the nook. I have a very basic device here, but it feeds my addiction quite nicely and is quite easy to navigate. My main complaint is that the books for download cost at least as much as paperbacks do on the whole. Not saving any money here. There is a very short, very sad selection of free classics, but at least there are some. (Werewolfling, you say put fanfics on the kindle? Great Scott! Why didn’t I think of that?) Also, a lot of the time I find myself wanting the print version of whatever I’ve downloaded so I can flip through it at random.

Speaking of print versions! White Noise volume one is complete, but the files are still being assembled at the printer. I went with Ka-Blam because they have great prices and their quality is great (my darker pages which should have by all rights come out as black blobs on the test book printed beautifully!) so this means that the moment the files are ready, the book will be available for purchase from them as print-on-demand. I might still beat NNFB to print! 8D That’s my goal in webcomics, to beat NNFB to something, anything!

Thank you all for your kind words! I really don’t deserve this understanding fanbase. You guys deserve a much cooler webcomicker, who updates every other day, finishes things she starts, never maintains radio silence for more than ten seconds, and saves orphanages from runaway trains filled with explosive chemicals. I shall find this person and enslave them for you!

~Flakey McFlakerson