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Getting Closer to Print

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Hey people! White Noise updated, crazy right?

I’ve made a discovery recently. That discovery is that the pages for book one are much easier to fix for printing than I originally thought. I’ve been finishing ten a day for the last week, and am now on the last half of chapter 4. I also will be adding a new chapter 3 cover, author’s notes and a forward by one of the characters (I’m thinking Lawler), and Alex from NNFB is going to be making a new cover for chapter two as well. IN ADDITION, there will be a new 5 page scene at the end. Don’t worry, the scene isn’t needed to understand the comic, but it does add a little.^^ This all will be done by mid November, which means White Noise Book One: Pullstrings will be available to buy in book form by January 2011!! They will be in the online store, and if I have a table at Ohayocon, they’ll be there as well.

I’m excited.^^ I feel like a real comic artist at last.

Thanks for reading!