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New page, and Matsuricon

Thursday, August 12th, 2010



Sorry about the unofficial hiatus guys, I had to bust my a$$ for Gencon and Matsuricon, but looks like that madness is over finally.^^ Because guess what’s this weekend?!

That’s right, yours truly and the guys over at NoNeedForBushido will be guests at Matsuricon this year (this makes, what, like 5 years now?) and we’ll be having lots of panels. There will be a webcomic panel, a Photoshop panel, a Flash panel, some ranting panels courtesy of Alex, and this year we’re having something new! Since we are all such epic Avatards and the new movie by Shymalan just came out and broke all of our hearts, we are having an ATLA appreciation panel for the cartoons. We’ll be avatarding it up with videos, fanworks, and even trivia, with prizes!

Be looking forward to seeing some of you there! *runs*

~madsniper (is a sadsniper because she could find almost no ATLA swag to give out…)