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New Page, and Toy Story 3

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Hey all! Page 24 of chapter 7 is now up! How will Busy act towards poor, down-on-his-luck Wren?

So. How about that Pixar, eh? What can you say. They do not disappoint, do they? You walk out of a Pixar movie, believing that there is a large corporation out there, sitting behind a whole lot of computers, who give a crap about you. They give a crap about your children. And wonder of wonders, they give a crap about their own titles. So you can be sure of several things: They’re going to do their darnedest to entertain you silly, you’re going to find yourself moved in new ways every time, and there will never be a direct to video SIN of a sequel. Nope. Their sequels raise the bar.
Toy Story 3 raises the bar on emotions like I cannot believe. Honestly, I can’t get the bloody thing out of my mind. These characters are so vivid, so lovable, that when things are at their darkest for them, (and things do get shockingly, deliciously dark) I suddenly realize how much I have always loved them, and I burrow into my seat in sheer terror for their sakes. THESE ARE TOYS, MIND YOU.
*sigh* This movie is exactly as astounding as I desperately wanted it to be, as the characters deserved for their finale. And I believe, Pixar. Oh yes. So much so that I find myself going into my closet and hugging my old stuffed animals from childhood. Just. In. Case.


~Snipes *has already seen it twice*

Pardon Our Dust

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Website redesign in progress. We are adding in Wordpress goodness.^^ Don’t comment in the blog just yet, Disqus is being added and it will delete anything posted before that!


EDIT: Okay guys, it’s live! Comment away.^^ Didn’t Joe (writer and html guy for No Need For Bushido) do an awesome job? Check out that Twitter box! And those rollover buttons on the right there. And that kickass placement of links to old posts! Weeee! It’s like professional and junk! Now I’m off to come up with something nifty to post here!

Exclamation point!!!!!

FCBD and Conventions

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Hey all! I’ve got a new page for you, and some assurances that WN will be back on schedule with weekly updates starting now.^^

This Saturday, I will be at Bell, Book, and Comic (Dayton, OH) as part of their Free Comic Book Day special event! *is excited* I will be there doing commissions and showing off White Noise at one of the tables, so it would be a great opportunity to come and say hi if you’re in town.

Then I’ll be going to Anime Central, but sans table, so just walkin around. ^^ Then I think Origins and Gencon. Followed by Matsuricon, where I will be a guest for the fourth time! That isn’t till August though, just giving you all an early heads up.


Formspring Me!

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

At long last, an update! Don’t get too excited folks, I am not out of the woods yet as far as my art jobs are concerned. I won’t be able to resume regular update until two weeks from now. But the long hiatus is indeed over. ^^ Thank you so much for sticking with me!

BTW, I had to jump on the bandwagon with Pascalle and Joe (I have no imagination) and join Formspring! Now you can submit questions to me, any at all (seriously, any, this is a silly little time-waster) and get a response via twitter and facebook. Just use this little form right here: