October 24, 2014

Page 20

New page, this guy continues to be an epic dickbag!

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October 16, 2014

Page 19

New page! Things aren’t gong very well, are they?


October 10, 2014

Armorous, and page 18

Hey all! Have an honest to god PAGE! I hope to have another one for you by tuesday, but I’ll post in the comment box if I get delayed further.

So have you guys heard about Armorous? It’s a comic anthology that I get to be a part of (as do Lepas and Alex), all about sexy times that are also medieval. :) My comic is about a knight/adventurer who has a very special sword, possessed by a dark but sexy spirit. (look, pics) We have a kickstarter running for it that just got started, and one of the tiers is a commission from me! So please check it out here: Armorous Kickstarter!!

Thank you!!!


the sexy but neurotic artist
(Changing Channels reference!!! Any SPN fans here??)

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