October 16, 2014

Page 19

New page! Things aren’t gong very well, are they?


October 10, 2014

Armorous, and page 18

Hey all! Have an honest to god PAGE! I hope to have another one for you by tuesday, but I’ll post in the comment box if I get delayed further.

So have you guys heard about Armorous? It’s a comic anthology that I get to be a part of (as do Lepas and Alex), all about sexy times that are also medieval. :) My comic is about a knight/adventurer who has a very special sword, possessed by a dark but sexy spirit. (look, pics) We have a kickstarter running for it that just got started, and one of the tiers is a commission from me! So please check it out here: Armorous Kickstarter!!

Thank you!!!


the sexy but neurotic artist
(Changing Channels reference!!! Any SPN fans here??)

September 29, 2014

Summer of Cons, also Holy Shit, Wilde Life

Hey all. Mindy here, and this has been an interesting summer. :)

Sorry for dropping off the radar. I’m wondering if each time this happens can be traced back to August where I start going to cons and don’t stop for two months, without planning ahead on pages. I can see how certain I was every week this summer that I would be able to find the time, but of course I didn’t, and now it’s pretty clear that I will have to plan way in advance for this thing to happen again next summer. WN pages will start up again next monday, but I also wanted to talk about what happened at these cons.

I managed to find the guts to show my art around at Gencon for once, and it actually landed me some freelance work with Pathfinder! (you can see my spots here, here, and here) This is a big step in my career, and I am so happy to be working for Paizo, like I can’t even process it right now. Then on top of that, at Context I got to talk with some amazing people in the publishing biz, and I should start working on bookcovers in the near future. :) With these in addition to coloring for HiFi and Stormlight I might actually be able to stay alive on art. I wanna thank everyone who comes on here and looks at my work, and especially those who take the time to comment. Your support has been invaluable, and if wasn’t for you, I’d never have been able to make the move that started all this in the first place.

That’s all for me. How about that Pascalle character, right? Who has two thumbs and just updated like 70 pages of webcomic? That girl!! She finished Zap in one huge pile of pages, and started the brand new comic about spooky american folklore called Wilde Life at the same time, with a whole 43 page chapter at once! Now, having the perks of being a friend I got to see a lot of these pages as Callie was making them, but not all of them, and the impact of reading the whole first arc through was completely fresh for me. I gotta say, it’s the sweetest, most charming beginning you could ask for, my chest literally aches over it, and if this is any indication of how the rest of the comic is going to go, we were right to be excited. Start reading Wilde Life now, people. You do not want to miss this ride. :)


(No more sniper, sorry. Maybe… madsasspants? Madsaltshaker? Madslipnslide!)
(wait, I got it, Damn Spider!)

That’s it, that’s the one.)

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