April 13, 2015

Page 34

New page! Oh look, a solicited hug. :) Bring it in, buddy.

Anybody here watch horror movies? I recently saw It Follows in the theaters, and it is really really good. Especially if you already like horror movies, because it plays a lot with the genre’s tropes and viewer expectations. The tone is extremely atmospheric, and the fact that the villain’s concept is so simple and at the same time so terrifying is really satisfying. Also, it takes the whole “never have sex in a horror movie” trope and subverts it beautifully. :3


April 6, 2015

Page 33

Here’s the new page! Somebody snuck up on him and for once it wasn’t Tilla!


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March 31, 2015

Page 32

Heya, here’s the update. It was up on sunday but I forgot to post here. Eheheh.

So Lawler has some words for Wren. See, he can speak to people without breaking limbs or triggering their super powers.


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March 22, 2015

Page 31

Here’s the update for this week. You think you’re funny, Lawler? He thinks he’s adorable.

My webcomic buddies Pascalle from Wilde Life and Alex and Joe from No Need For Bushido will be going to Emerald City Comic con next weekend to represent their comics! I’m so jealous! Go check out their news posts to learn more.


March 15, 2015

Page 30 is up!

Hey guys, have a new page!
Well, hello there, haven’t seen you for a while have we?


March 8, 2015

Page 29!

Hey guys! Here’s page #29! Thanks for sticking with me through my injury! White Noise will be resuming weekly updates starting now. :)


March 3, 2015

My arm! It’s free!

Exactly what it says on the tin. My arm is out of the cast and the pins are removed! (photos of said pins coming eventually). It’s been a week of careful going to get my hand limbered up enough to hold a stylus, but it’s going quite well! Better than I could have hoped, actually.

That means, new pages for White Noise will resume this Sunday! I have one almost done but I’m gonna hang on to it until then to give myself plenty of time for the next one. Last thing I want is to re-injure myself. Once page 29 goes live, WN will be going back to a once a week update schedule! For realz.

Thanks for sticking with me! Have some sketches of new characters coming in book three! Which, my god, I’ll be getting to in like a month. 0_o.

Also, vote! to see a preview of the nest page!


February 7, 2015

More News about the arm

Okay, so. There was a chance yesterday that the pins were coming out, but no dice. I’ve got another two weeks with them in, and since the one going under my thumb is skewering a tendon and a nerve, I still can’t hold a stylus, and won’t be able to till they do come out. It’s definitely two weeks from now though! In the interests of not stressing my now flimsy wrist out too much, I’m gonna go ahead and say that updates to White Noise will resume in three weeks, tentatively. Thanks all for your patience. :) Keep an eye on my tumblr in the meantime for more left-handed attempts at art and some old stuff I haven’t uploaded until now.


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