June 18, 2014

Page 17

Hey look, it’s an update!

Tried some new things in the art (just slight differences) but I really like it, so i think I’ll be sticking with it. Luckily they’re super easy. I really want this thing to be gorgeous and epic, but ratcheting up that bar, the anxiety goes right with it. Sigh. I’m taking l-theanine now! Anybody who has anxiety issues or nigh-crippling ADD like I do, I thoroughly recommend it. :)


May 6, 2014

Once more with feeling, and page 16

Here’s the new page!

Okay, to work with my squirrely brain I’ve decided that for the next few weeks updates will still be weekly, but not on any scheduled day. I will be aiming for mondays, but WHO KNOWS. I certainly don’t! Maybe then I can get that elusive buffer nailed down again and then actually run a kickstarter or something.


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April 14, 2014

Page 15

Here’s the update! I feel good about this week! I’m feeling like a buffer might be possible!


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